How To Reach

Marriage Garden Paradise

Area :28 Sq. Kms.
Temperature min max
Summer 25 °C 41 °C
Winter 9 °C 26 °C
Airport Flights Information
20 Km from the hotel
Delhi to Bhopal - 3 Flights daily
Jet Airways 9W2215 Dep: 5:45am Arr: 7:00am
Jet Airways 9W737 Dep: 7:25pm Arr: 8:50pm
Indian Airlines IC134 Dep: 6:00pm Arr: 7:10pm

Mumbai to Bhopal - 3 flights daily
Jet Airways 9W2531 Dep: 7:05am Arr: 8:30am
Jet Airways 9W2503 Dep: 6:20pm Arr: 8:25pm
Indian Airlines IC133 Dep: 6:05am Arr: 8:25am

Hyderabad to Bhopal - 1 flight 6 days a week (except Tuesdays)
Jet Airways 9W2510 Dep: 2:40pm Arr: 6:15pm

Ahmedabad to Bhopal – 1 Flight daily
Jet Airways 9W2509 Dep: 5:50am Arr: 9:05am